The countdown says only ten days to go!! Tomorrow we’re down to single digits – publication really is just around the corner now. Here are the titles of the stories to look forward to:

The River Peggy Seeger
Oreille Marie-Anne Mancio
Formless Like Water Dax Christopher
Battling Waves Jason Parent
A Nice Cup of Tea by Jay Howard
By the Mill by Ali Isaac
Boo – part 1 – Appalachian Spring Mark Bell
Le-ina’s Sorrow Jaq D Hawkins
Fortunes Neel Kay
My brother, Her husband Mike Duron
Sea Bright Ali Isaac
Prime Directive Mona Karel
Boo – part 2 – Hell Hath Fury Mark Bell
Love Call Me Home Peggy Seeger
Treading Water Sylvie Nickels
Dreams Kathryn O’Halloran
Fwish Mike Duron
The Day it Snowed in the Body of Christ Kerry Dwyer
The Other Jamie Annie Harmon
River Girl Dax Christopher
House Under Water Anthea Carson
The Natural Seize K.A. Krisko
Old Waves and New Patrick de Moss
Boo – part 3 – Rock Requiem Mark Bell


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