Local support

A local newspaper, the Bridgwater Mercury, has supported our efforts with this article, but sometimes assumptions can have quite amusing results. Has anyone else in the group had any support from local media?



6 responses to “Local support

  1. Fantastic, Jay, hehehe!

  2. Jay! You’ve um, changed genders! Don’t worry – in one newspaper article, I ended up being both the wife and sister of a man to whom I was neither!

  3. Good job I feel comfortable in my skin lol!

  4. Great job, Jay. Sorry…or congrats… on the sex change. 🙂

  5. I’d rather not be as vulnerable as a man, thanks all the same… lol!

    Many local people run down my little town (Bridgwater) and it’s certainly a rather quirky place (not as bad/good as Glastonbury on that score!) but we help each other when we can and the Bridgwater Mercury certainly came through for us.

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