Meet Baz Gray

What was the inspiration for your short story?

I wrote ” You Should Get That Tap fixed” after coming downstairs at dawn one morning for a glass of water. As I walked into the kitchen I could hear the tap dripping onto the stainless steel of the sink. It all seemed rather pure and elemental.
I wrote “Flood Tide” a while back. I spend a lot of time on the shores of the Severn Estuary mostly birdwatching. There are many muddy creeks with old hulks lying around. Recalling these I started to write this poem about old boats and hadn’t got far into it before I realised that the boats and the old men that sailed them were a metaphor for lost virility/vitality: My poem had, at first subconscious, sexual undertones.

Why did you contribute to the OWAW anthology?

I contributed to OWAW because it’s nice to get stuff published. However, I was also happy to contribute to something that might help Water Aid.
I worked in the field of water nearly all my life and have contributed to the charity and raised funds for it during my career.
In developed countries we take plenty of good clean water for granted. We turn a tap and out it comes. We are so used to it that we find it boring to drink and add stuff to it like tea, coffee, whisky, if we’re a bit sweaty we take a shower.  We don’t often stop to think that in many parts of the world folk walk miles just to get small quantities of bad water that could give them horrible diseases. Their crops die due to the lack of it. Water Aid is changing  lives and is part of the process of helping people world wide to achieve their true potential. There is a massive amount of work to do but we shouldn’t be daunted.

Do you plan to contribute to the 2015 anthology? And tell us about your current WIP

It would be nice to be in OWAW 2015.  At the moment I am rewriting an autobiographical short story called “The Boat”. I’ve had several goes at this story over the years and this time it is coming together well – I hope that it is suitable for OWAW.

I am continuing to produce poems and have recently submitted some to magazines and have entered some into the U.K. National Poetry Competition. My chances of being placed in the competition are pretty slim  but hey- why not?


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