K. A. Krisko

I’m a fantasy-fiction and literary short-story author and a full-time park ranger, law enforcement officer, and emergency medical technician. I live in northern Colorado (USA) with my two cattle dogs. I enjoy outdoor activities and being with my dogs, as well as reading and writing. My previously published works include the Stolen trilogy (fantasy fiction), a book of short stories, a number of stories in anthologies, and Cornerstone: Raising Rook, from which ‘Natural Seize’ arose. You can find me at my author website: http://www.kakrisko.com


4 responses to “K. A. Krisko

  1. Wow, Kathy, I never knew you were so multi-talented! How do you find the time to write as well?

  2. One can always find time for a hobby – you know, instead of washing dishes, etc. I know you have your hands full as well!

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